Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feelings & Food

Have you ever realized how much we eat due to our emotions?

We celebrate a birthday with a good meal, we console one another with a box of chocolates, we connect over a cup of coffee.  It is as if there is an intrinsic connection between our heart and our stomach.  We could go on and on with the number of phrases that link these two, so I know I am not profound nor the first to assert this statement.

However, in past weeks, I have realized a few things about myself in regards to this phenomenon. I realized that with my different emotions from being really happy to being extremely sad, it greatly affects my desire and what I cook.  Here would be a good scale to figure out what kind of mood I'm in, based on what I cook

  • Really happy, joyful exuberance = make a dessert and share it! (bring it to the office, share with small group, have people over, etc).  This is me when I'm contentedly happy and the world seems good again. 
  •  A good or just normal day = dinner can range from ordinary (mac 'n cheese + dijon mustard + tuna over wilted greens) to fun and playful (shredded brussel sprouts with hoisen sauce and a poached egg). 
  • A bad day = pasta + sauce; frozen pizza; 
  • Extremely sad, stressed, or worried = no eating involved but rather fasting and praying (and normally many tears involved and some of the crying where you struggle to breathe in parts and make that little 'uh-uh-uh' sound).  
I recently celebrated a birthday and I'm honestly quite keen to start a new year. I had a wonderful 26 and a rough 27, so I'm hoping that 28 falls back in line. 

I found what it is that I really want in life, and I think it took giving up what I already had to find out what I really want. But in these past few months, there have been many more nights of fasting and praying than joyful exuberance and I want to get back to that place. I will wait on the Lord and his timing, for to him and through him alone be the glory. 

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