Sunday, January 13, 2013

Looking for food trends in 2013 - check these out

Becoming an "at home" food engineer (like me!) is suddenly cool.

If you don't believe me, check out 3 of the top 25 trends for 2013 with making your own yogurt, carbonating your own drinks, and grinding you own wheat.

It also goes to show that one minute you are "in" and the next you are "out".  In the food trends for 2012, going wheat free was predicted as a trend. While I know that many choose that lifestyle for necessitated health reasons, others (myself included) were choosing it to cut out unwanted carbs and calories. However, a bread course has now made the list for hot trends in 2013.  I will admit - fresh artesian bread, and I'm not talking "Wonder Bread" is truly an art and deserving of its own course.

I received Richard Bertinet's book "Dough" for my birthday and I cannot wait to start making bread.  He really highlights the simple elegance of working with dough and creating something fully of developed flavors, crusty texture, and beautifully shaped appearance. Stay tuned for posts about my experiments as I work through the book.

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